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Gary Strobel is Professor Emeritus

at Montana State University where he has spent a career spanning 55 years. He has studied plant/microbe interactions and has traveled to virtually every rain-forest on the planet looking for new microbes and their bio-active ingredients. He has been the recipient of numerous awards, has published extensively and holds many US and International patents. His love of trees dates back to a time when he was a boy growing up in Ohio. The original red hat was requested by the Smithsonian to be in its collection.


An interest in trees

has graced his life since he was a small boy. Thus, the unusual hobby of finding witness trees and making useful objects (pens) from them has fascinated him. His collection is the most extensive in the United States. Each pen has its own tree or other source documented. Over 150 pens are now present in the collection representing every state in which major battles occurred. In other cases he has acquired wood from objects or buildings that were also present during the battle.


Gary's Generosity

knows no bounds. Gary will make at his own expense and even cover the shipping to any Federal, State or Private organization located on a Civil War site that provides the wood, an endless supply of pens for the gift shop to sell to help promote and save these historic sites. Such arrangements have been made at sites such as Appomattox, Va., Franklin,Tn., Fort Blakeley, Ala., Bentonville, N.C., Red Hill, Va. and many others. If your organization has an interest please use the contacts page to drop us a note. We want to thank Richard McCardle of UCVRELICS.COM for his tireless efforts in doing the research and building this website site. Thanks Rich! 

Civil War Witness Pens Site Content

1861 The year that all hell breaks loose.


The opening year of the American Civil War.

1862 The year of hope and horror mixed with grief and glory.


As the war ramped up so did the size of the battles as well as the casualties.

1863 The year of relentless war.


As the war raged on the Battles became more intense. 

1864 The year of tragedy and triumph.


1864 was the beginning of the end for the South

1865 The war come to close.


 1865 saw the South fighting the "Lost Cause" 

Civil War Ships and Historic Buildings


Pens that are made from historical buildings, ships and other items.

Civil War Witness Trees & Wood

Here is a very interesting paper on Civil War Trees & Wood Thru Gary's Eyes.

Civil War Witness Trees & Wood (pdf)


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